Why should i choose a Norwegian hosting service for my Webpage, VPS or Dedicated server?




Why choose hosting in Norway?

The short answer is because it is safe! Norway has one of the strongest privacy laws in the world, which guards your data and protects your privacy. Also the infrastructure is very good, and the QoS is very high. Prices range from webhosting at USD $1/year to dedcated servers starting at around USD $350/year. You will find that most servers in Norway have less "occupants per server", which gives higher quality. Almost every Norwegian ISP use International control panel software (Like cPanel, Plesk etc). This removes any language barrier, since English is almost always available as a language. Most Norwegian hosts also have support for payment using Paypal or other International gateways. Thus payment is also made simple.

If you are interested in Webhosting, VPS services or Dedicated servers in Norway, please contact us for more information, you can write us athjelp@serverhus.no.

If you have Norwegian clients, VoIP services, need safe storage etc. Norway is a very good place to start your search. We hope to hear from you soon.

This is what Nomad Capitalist says about Norwegian webhosting:

While Sweden web hosting company Banhhof reportedly hosts Wikileaks, Norway surpasses Sweden in data privacy and freedom of the press rankings. Despite sharing many of the European values of data privacy, Norway is not a member of the EU, which means it has been able to craft its own privacy laws free from Eurozone interference. Web hosts in Norway (called “webhotell”) are a bit more expensive, but offer greater protections than a US web host. Cloud storage services like Runbox operate from Norway, and Jottabox brags about how its pure Norwegian ownership allows it to protect its clients’ data from US law in a way that US companies operating European data centers cannot. This assertion is based on the need for foreign governments to get permission from a Norwegian court to access any private data.


Runbox says the following about Norwegian privacy laws:

Why Runbox being in Norway is important

We are emphasizing Runbox’ location in Norway as something that is important to you as an email user, and you may wonder why. This article will explain it all.

  • All your Runbox email is privacy protected because our servers are located in Norway, and Runbox strictly adheres to the Norwegian privacy legislation.
  • Runbox protects your data against disclosure because the authorities must present a valid court order based on evidence of criminal activity to seize any data.
  • Any foreign nation requesting account information or contents have to send a formal request to Norwegian judicial authorities, and only with a Norwegian court order can any data be disclosed.
  • Norwegian authorities are not allowed to perform surveillance of data traffic without a court order.
  • Under Norwegian legislation, Runbox is not required to keep any traffic logs, and is permitted to delete your data if you ask us to.


Jotta Says the following about why they are based in Norway:

Jottacloud is a Norwegian cloud storage service for both private use and businesses. The service lets you securely copy, synchronize, save and share files from all of your devices. These files will be safely stored on environmentally friendly servers in Norway or in countries with equivalent or even more rigorous privacy laws. Firms based in the US might be forced to hand over their stored information to the authorities. No one will get access to the data stored with us. Jotta is the name of the company behind the service.

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